Pegasus 303 Mix 133 (2 Hour Techno Set)

A gritty black and white photo of people standing in front of a pub laughing.
Photo by: Scott Liddell

1. Cracked (Extended Mix) – Will & Held [KMS Records] 2. Face To Face (Original Mix) – Keep This [Nothing But] 3. Rise (Original Mix) – Ore [Civil Music] 4. Resurgence (Extended Mix) – Antwon Faulkner [KMS Records] 5. In The Eyes Of No One (Original Mix) – Reset Robot [Mobilee Records] 6. Confession (Original Mix) – Traumer [BRLN SPRT] 7. Blank Slated (Original Mix) – My Cat Snoop [Inmotion Music] 8. Holy Name (Original Mix) – D-Unity [Unity Records] 9. Sinner (Original Mix) – D-Unity [Suara] 10. Cold Water (Original Mix) – Traumer [Arts] 11. Stolen Forest (Original Mix) – Harvey McKay [Suara] 12. Dubside Down (Original Mix) – Dub Taylor [Opossum Recordings] 13. Section (Original Mix) – Zakari & Blange [ELEVATE] 14. With Abandon (Antwon Faulkner’s Check It Out Remix) – Rennie Foster [RF] 15. Do It (Original Mix) – DJ Micky Da Funk, Dino Maggiorana [Unity Records] 16. Dirty Stab (Original Mix) – Marco Bailey [Materia] 17. TZM Rework (Strck Remix) – Andiamo [Wall Music] 18. Pinned To Your Words (Original Mix) – MUUI [Crossfrontier Audio] 19. Levi (Original) – Moodswing & Tosha [Springstoff] 20. Fog Trench – Chris Gavin & Tony Hell [Pumpz Recordings] 21. Bakaiata (Original) – Moodswing & Tosha [Springstoff]

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