Don’t sweat the Technics (CES 2016) New SL-1200GAE

Rear shot of the new SL 1200GAE turntable.
Technics SL 1200GAE Limited Edition

If you were in Las Vegas today and stumbled upon the Panasonic Corporation (parent company of Technics) booth at CES 2016 you got the news first hand, but as the word trickled out, DJs around the world were sporting a collective stiffie as Technics made the announcement that they will be releasing their new direct drive turntable. Some of you may recall back in 2010 Technics discontinued the SL-1200 line of turntables, thus leaving many with a heavy heart. So heavy in fact it lead to an online petition created by an individual by the name of Moni Daniel (see petition here). The “re-introduction of legendary Technics Turntables” petition asking the Panasonic Corporation to fire up the foundries again amassed over 27,000 signatures. We may never know if the announcement at CES 2016 was a direct result of Moni’s petition, or a response to rivals such as Pioneer and Reloop filling the DJ turntable void. But hey! A victory is a victory! The specs are quite impressive, please read below or download the official press release here.

PR: LAS VEGAS, NV (January 5, 2016) – Technics has today announced the return of its direct-drive turntable based on a newly designed direct-drive motor. The Technics 50th anniversary limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE and non-limited Grand Class SL-1200G have been developed for audiophiles looking to rediscover and experience the uniquely warm sound quality of analogue vinyl discs.

Top View of SL-1200GAE
Technics SL 1200GAE Limited Edition

Broadcast Proven Quality Three-layered Turntable
The SL-1200G features a rugged three-layered construction that has a die cast platter made from heavy brass and aluminum. In addition, the entire rear surface has deadening rubber to eliminates unnecessary resonance. The rotational stability and inertial mass is well above that of the old Technics SP-10MK2, which in the past was a broadcast station standard worldwide.

High Dampening Tonearm
The new lightweight cold drawn tonearm utilizes aluminum for the SL-1200G and magnesium for the SL-1200GAE (limited edition model), improves the quality of playback and increasing the dampening effect.

Four-layered Cabinet Construction
The body of the SL 1200G/ GAE is constructed from a thick top panel of aluminum in conjunction with the previously mentioned three-layered construction of aluminum die cast and heavyweight rubber much like its predecessor the SL-1200MK5, which will make for a solid piece of equipment.

In honor of their 50th anniversary, Technics will be releasing a limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE this summer and the SL-1200G model later this year. The SL-1200GAE will feature a decorative serial number plate and only 1,200 units will be sold worldwide. The manufactures price has not been revealed yet, but I have already started searching the dark web to broker a deal to sell one of my kidneys so I can replace my old decks. What? Jokes people! Jokes!


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