Pegasus 303 Mix Episode 105

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1. Real Talk (Paul Matthews Remix) – Juan MP [Gentlemen Lounge Records] 2. Pillars of Creation (Original Mix) – Luke Hess [Echocord Cooler] 3. SQ 80 (Original Mix) – Kaiserdisco [Drumcode] 4. Colours (Original Mix) – Mulder (NL) [Rejected] 5. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Original Mix) – Reset Robot [Truesoul] 6. Paris 94 (Cross Beat Remix) – Scott Mason [MITD] 7. The Leader’s Ship (Cross Beat Remix) – Corey Biggs [MITD] 8. Synthetic (Tony Dee Remix) – Rhythm StairCase [MITD] 9. Rebellion (Original Mix) – Reset Robot [Truesoul] 10. Curious (Original mix) – Rhythm Staircase [MITD] 11. Air Hike (G Man Remix) – Dosem [Halocyan]

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