Pegasus 303 Mix 110 – Techno/ Tech House

Attractive woman crossing her arms as she looks away from the camera with the text Pegasus 303 Mix 110.
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1. Farther And Fainter (Original Mix) – John Tejada [Kompakt] 2. Disco & Shit (Around7 Edit) – DJ W!ld [Robsoul Essential] 3. Punxsutawney (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) – Pan-Pot [Second State] 4. Wonder Gate (Dan Baartz Remix) – 12 Tones [Trojan House Records] 5. Chamber (Original Mix) – Comuno [Toolroom] 6. F1 (Original Mix) – Anthony Attalla [Yoshitoshi Recordings] 7. The Red Sun (Original Mix) – Wehbba [Tronic] 8. Enty (Original Mix) – Alexkid [Desolat] 9. A1 Untitled (Original Mix) – Chez Damier [KMS Records] 10. El Viaje (Original Mix) – 12 Tones [Trojan House Records] 11. Elsewhere (Original Mix) – John Tejada [KNM] 12. Mountain Pictures (Original Mix) – Matthias Springer [zerO413]

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