Pegasus 303 Mix 096 – Techno/ Tech House Set

Attractive Asian woman dressed in black hiding in the shadows.
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1. Orions Dance (Original Mix) – Gab Oswin [GabCat] 2. Nos – Alex Sander [So What Music] 3. Amour (Original Mix) – Richard Seeley [Discolour] 4. You and Me (Original Mix) – Scan Mode [Savor] 5. Bag Of Bones (Nikitin Remix) – Spieltape [Highway Records] 6. Padmode (Original Mix) – Mar-T [Celesta Recordings] 7. Black Hole (Original Mix) – Gab Oswin [GabCat] 8. Dance In Tongues (Original Mix) – Dave Seaman [Noir Music] 9. Atelier – Reset Robot [Intacto Records] 10. Excitement (Original Mix) – Lucio Malatoid [Malatoid Records] 11. Full English (Barber Remix) – Tim Cullen & Made By Pete [Grin Recordings]

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