Pegasus 303 Mix 020 with JC Laurent

Man standing at the DJ booth

JC Laurent was born in Nice (France).He started this new project in February 2012 on PlusEins Recordings (Berlin) with his EP “The Line” under his influences “Deep Techno” that come fromt he dept hs of underground Berlin and Det roit .He has released his second EP “Panorama” on the label Wall Music (Mike Wall’s Label).The last year, he has played with artists as such Mike Wall, Marc Depulse, Nina Kraviz, Daegon, during some gigs from Nice to Berlin.His new EP “From Nice T o Berlin” is complet e wit h a rare remix from Fred P he will released in February 2013 on Hidden Recordings, Deepak Sharma’s label from NewYork.His tracks are played by DVS1 in Berghain and also in some other places around the world, this “dream” came true!Soon, you will find him back on the labels like Evasion Room Records, Hypnotic Room, Translucent and more other.

P303M20 – 3/4/13

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