UNER – TUNE432 [Diynamic Music] Vinyl + Digital Release – 2/2/14

The Spanish artist Uner debut album entitled Tune 432 available on Diynamic Music.

So awhile back I was privy to an advanced preview of Tune432 the debut full-length release from Spanish artist UNER, available on the Diynamic Label. It took some time for me to get around to reviewing the tracks but upon listing to his pending release it is obvious that UNER has put a tremendous amount of effort into “Tune432.” Furthermore, 2013 was a good year for UNER and if his latest release is any inkling of what is to come, then it appears 2014 will be a great year as well. UNER is a highly sought after individual in the Ibiza club scene, playing venues such as Pacha, Carl Cox’s night at Space and Diynamic Neon Nights held at Sankeys. The summer of 2013 also saw the release of UNER’s three song EP Phamovi (link) available on Cocoon Recordings. Last year UNER was awarded the best DJ newcomer in addition to winning Artist of The Year and Best Producer at the Vicious Magazine Awards in Spain. It was difficult to single out a favorite track from UNER’s upcoming massive release. I guess it is much like asking a parent which child is their favorite. Fortunately, I was able to single out four tracks from the pending 13-track CD and 12-track double vinyl release (for you purist out there).

Sorry For You features the beautiful vocal talents of Negra. This track has a pulsating bass line, a plucky melody, a tight groove and a great sounding filtered piano.

Surfering is a laid back track, with crispy high-hats, flowing bass notes, a moody melody and an overall solid groove.


 “It’s been a very intense and exciting process. It’s taken a full year for Tune432 to take shape, working while travelling, producing day and night. It’s been hard but also extremely pleasant to collaborate with artists I truly respect in my most important release to date. As a professional musician I love to surround myself with people who can contribute with special things to the creative process, people like Piek, Kafele Bandele, Negra and Lazarus, among others.They’ve contributed to their own music, amazing voices, lyrics. I think I’ve managed to come up with something very special. The result is completely what I had in mind when I started it.”


Laderas del Sollube is simply one of those tracks you can enjoy over and over. I particularly enjoyed the gritty vibe of this song. Simply stated this track can be described as lo-fi excellence.

Flying Suns 2 will most likely be a crowd pleaser with a striate up bouncing beat, dark metallic pads and grooving bass line. The over all vibe of this song is dark but it builds up to a high-energy masterpiece that will guaranty bodies on the dance floor.

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