The Christmas Gift LP IV [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Album artwork for "The Christmas LP IV." Photo of a snow flake. This is a free music download.

Happy holidays kids! Christmas is over, but you can still download the gift that keeps giving. It doesn’t matter if you were naughty or nice, because our friends over at Carton-Pâte Records got you covered. The Christmas Gift LP IV is a 20 song LP plus a tasty little mini mix that will keep you grooving well into the New Year. This free compilation feature tracks from the likes of Apollo Powder, Uppah, Spacesheep, Mr H’S and many more. This free download has a little something for everyone, with genres spanning from House, Techno, Deep, Minimal and everything in between. Unfortunately I can’t review all twenty tracks, but I will pick out some of my favorites. Apollo Powder’s House track “Ballade” has a cool organ vibe, with a driving bass groove and a clever vocal sample that compliments the musical arrangement quite nicely.

Next is the track “Apoloke” by GT246, which features a deep Tribal vibe with tight percussion, a plucky synth and a smooth bass line. Another stand out is the track “Wave” by Abrha. This is one of those pleasantly simple tracks with a layed back groove, a bouncing bass line, subtle filter sweeps and a perfect tempo for head nodding or moving out on the floor. Next up is Bor & Mar’s track “P-One.” Now I must admit this track caught me off guard a bit. I’m not sure if you would call this a UK Garage type of song, but the beat punches you hard, and contains heavy dark metallic sounding synths, a simple melody and light percussion to keep the pulse going. Pupa’s track “Time Bridge” feels like a smooth melodic Techno track with a strait up four on the floor, soft pads, great sounding synths and the little sample vox that drops in and out to keep your attention. Overall you can’t go wrong with this release, because with these twenty tracks you are bound to find a few favorites. Enjoy and happy downloading.

Carton-Pâte Records
Released 25.12.2016

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