Tantsui – No Mercy EP available now on NoPassport (Moscow)


Available now is a brand new EP presented by the Moscow-based label NoPassport Records. The ‘No Mercy’ EP features three songs by Ramzes Akhmetov, Oleg Ingiozov and Zlat Khabibullin, better known as Tantsui. Already established artist, the trio have released material on labels such as Highway Records and What’s In The Box. The first track on the EP is self-titled ‘No Mercy,’ which has a deep, somber feel to it. The drums are simple, yet moving with a floppy kick, crispy hi-hats and subtle clap to keep you on beat. The bass line is deep, rich and has a funky groove to it. To top it off ‘No Mercy’ has a dark melody, with moody haunting vocals that pull you deep into the track.

The second track of the release is called ‘Rainyman,’ which is a delightful groove, with a bouncing bass line and the melody has an oddly pleasant synth. The percussion is solid and keeps you moving, all while the vocals create a rich, lush texture that compliment the musical bed. The third and final release of the ‘No Mercy’ EP is titled ‘Someone to Play.’ I was immediately entranced by this track, as I listened to the well-recorded, warm vocals that flow nicely over the lavish synth pads, deep bass line and driving percussion.


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