Detroit Techno – Antwon Faulkner [Hijacked Records Detroit] Pegasus 303 Mix 132

Photo of DJ Antwon Faulkner wearing a red T-Shirt and baseball cap in from of a grey background, with the text

1. Revolution (Original Mix) – Antwon Faulkner [Hijacked Records Detroit] 2. House For The People (Original Mix) – Tamil [Kinetika Records] 3. Sedution – Marck D. [KMS Records] 4. Get Lost – Black Loops [Gruuv] 5. Crispy Bitch – Demuir [Purveyor Underground] 6. Power (Original Mix) – Dave Angel [Bedrock] 7. Jack The System (Official) – Butch [Tuskegee] 8. Mission Mars – Antwon Faulkner [Hijacked Records Detroit] 9. House Musik – Greg Gow [KMS Records] 10. Hook At The Border (Original Mix) – Enrico Sangiuliano [Tronic] 11. He Can Save You (Original Mix) – Floorplan [M-Plant] 12. Revenge (Original Mix) – Antwon Faulkner [Hijacked Records Detroit] 13. Keep Calling (Original Mix) – Skober [Tronic] 14. Terma – Harvey Mckay [Intec Records] 15. Out The Other (Original Mix) – Brandon De Carlo [Hijacked Records Detroit]

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