Pegasus 303 Mix 091 – Mr. Clean

Attractive young Asian woman wearing a bikini, with the text Pegasus 303 Mix 091
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1. Many Colors (Original Mix) – 2up & Velika3 [Sounds of Earth] 2. Patience Feat Jonny Cruz (Dub Mix) – Dave Rosario [Monique Speciale] 3. Declaration feat. Llarion Dyakov (Original Mix) – Polar Lights [What’s In The Box] 4. Black Moon (Original Mix) – Gery Otis [Equilibrium Lab] 5. Hubbles Is Back (Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters Remix) – Figueroa & Obando [Unike Muzik] 6. House Cut #1 (Original Mix) – Glasidum [Savor] 7. Evening Avenue (Timo Camillo Remix) – Ivan Latyshev [What’s In The Box] 8. Come On Down (Original Mix) – Josh Hussaney [Foreign Language Records] 9. Lose your Shhht (Original Version) – Nightrhymes feat Keith Thompson [Purple Music] 10. Running (Big Red Button Deep House Remix) – The Dreamers Ft Noeva [Up Tempo Records] 11. Elesdee (Original Mix) – Dean Relf [Trojan House Records] 12. No Not In The Face! (Original Mix) – G.Markus[sinnmusik*]

Once again, a big special thanks to the folks over at ‘Perfect Circuit Audio.’ Visit them online or at their Southern California showroom for all your pro audio and synthesizer needs.

2405 W. Empire Ave
Burbank, CA 91504
Monday – Friday
10am – 7pm PST

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