Pegasus 303 Mix 085 – Mr.Clean

Attractive Asian woman wearing a hat. Text reads 'Pegasus 303 Mix 085.'

1. Lunacy (Original Mix) – Paul Schmidpeter [Ampispazi Recordings] 2. Prudence (Mik Santoro Remix) – Paul Schmidpeter [Ampispazi Recordings] 3. Modular Dream (Original Mix) – Giorgia Angiuli [Einmusika] 4. My Love Wont Fade feat. Spiritual Front (Original Mix) – Aki Bergen & Richter [Neurotraxx Recordings] 5. Slippin (Original Mix) – Jill Bellac [Opia Records] 6. Clubbing Time (Original Mix) – Max Best [Opia Records] 7. Four Tulips (Original Mix) – Alex Bizzaro [Made With Love] 8. Mirage (Original Mix) – Aki Bergen & Richter [Neurotraxx Recordings] 9. In the Dark (Original Mix) – Giorgia Angiuli [Einmusika] 10. No Not In The Face! (Marsupials Refold) – G.Markus [sinnmusik*] 11. About Last Night (Fasika Remix) – G.Markus [sinnmusik*]

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