Pegasus 303 Mix 068 with Mr. Clean

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1. Copycat (Original Mix) – Jag Kiranmay [Seva Records] 2. Power (Mario Basanov Remix – Vidis Percussive Edit) – Pompeya [Get Physical Music] 3. Washed (Mark Lower Remix) – Fabø [Great Stuff] 4. Freak Like You! – Moe Turk
5. Sap (Roi Okev Remix) – KOYLA [Parallel Records] 6. Nagas (Original Mix) – Jag Kiranmay [Seva Records] 7. One Culture (Original Mix) – Jag Kiranmay [Seva Records] 8. Where is the Love (Lorenzo & Gillespie Remix) – Frann Delice [Gooseneck Records] 9. Afterhours Rhythm (Original Mix) – Richie Santana [On Air] 10. Perigoso (Original Mix) – Mavgoose & Quin [Hardsoul Pressings] 11. Temptation (Original Mix)- Delgado & Chrissy K [75 Digital]


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