Pegasus 303 Mix 061 with Mr. Clean

Side profile cut out of a woman wearing headphones

Copyright: 69demo / 123RF Stock Photo

1. Bag Of Bones (Nikitin Remix) – Spieltape [Highway Records] 2. Mine In The Night (Original Mix) – Mikk Owlner [eMBi Music] 3. Keep U Happy (Dave Pad Remix) – Sergey Sanchez & Thierry Tomas [Highway Records] 4. Cacao (Original Mix) – Mikk Owlner [eMBi Music] 5. Finally The Light (Original Mix) – Mikk Owlner [eMBi Music] 6. Melting (Original Mix) – Mikk Owlner [eMBi Music] 7. Mystic Smile (Sergey Sanchez & Thierry Tomas Remix) – Pr. Morriarti [Highway Records] 8. You Feel (Original Mix) – Michael McLardy [Highway Records] 9. The Plan – Reset Robot [Truesoul] 10. Bumble – Reset Robot [Intacto Records] 11. Depends (Tiger Stripes Remix) – Acid District [Eklektisch] 12. I Am Real (German Brigante Remix) – Jamin Hernandez [Tenampa Recordings (Mexico)]

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