Pegasus 303 Mix 060 with Mr. Clean

Photo of an attractive Asian woman wearing headphones. The text is faded and says "Pegasus 303 Mix 060."

Copyright: robtek / 123RF Stock Photo

1. Fog Trench – Chris Gavin & Tony Hell [Pumpz Recordings] 2. Aller Retour Paris (Sven Tasnadi Remix) – Acumen [Time Has Changed] 3. Patience (Original Mix) – Acumen [Time Has Changed] 4. Back To Black (Original Mix) – Pause [Carton-pâte Records] 5. Equiibre (Original Mix) – Acumem [Time Has Changed] 6. New Beginnings (Original Mix) – Dax J [Affin] 7. Lunar Attraction (Original Mix) – Pause [Carton-pâte Records] 8. Inertia (Original Mix) – Pause [Carton-pâte Records] 9. Berg (Original Mix) – Einerlei [Slipstone Records] 10. Kenloto (Original Mix) – Kiko & Spencer K [Celesta Records] 11. Ensnared (Original Mix) – Einerlei [Slipstone Records]

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