Pegasus 303 Mix 040 with Luca Barletta – Deep House

Luca Barletta

This week we feature Luca Barletta, an up and coming artist from Switzerland. The Swiss are known for their precision times pieces and that holds true, because Barletta’s tracks are right on time! His current EP titled Outerspace, features three original tracks plus a killer remix by Romanian producer Rhadow (@rhadowmusic). Barletta’s mix sets and original productions feature a sort of laid back deep dance vibe we have come to appreciate from deep house. Please enjoy his exclusive sixty minute set and check out his latest EP Outerspace available on Rave of Love Records.

1. Symptoms (Original Mix) – Nico Lahs
2. North (Original Mix) – Dahu
3. Aint Nobody (Original MIx) – Adriatique
4. Metropolis (Original Mix) – NTFO & Karmon
5. Unreleased
6. Tritonus (Clap Your Hands) – Jon Donson, Patrick Podage
7. Passion (Mihai Popviciu Remix) – Mario Aureo
8. Momento (Original Mix) – Stereo.Type
9. Funk You (Bunte Bummler Remix) – Sasch BBC, Caspar
10. Chilean Mantra (Body Music) – Simak Delitvin
11. The Pump (Original Mix) – Buraq
12. Used (Okain) – Onno
13. Hotbox Room (Original Mix) – Yvo Zanev
14. Laika Lost (Reelow Remix) – Nonyas
15. Get Up (Materialism) – Christoph
16. My Time is Fire (Santos Music) – Ellie Ka & R.B, Luthier
17. Freedom (Santos Music) – B.O.N.G., Electrobios
18. Right About Now (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) – Feline 9
19. Deepest Wave (Frag Maddin Remix) – Dilby
20. Whatever You Want (Get Physical Music) – Ahmet Sisman, Nico Lahs

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