Pegasus 303 Mix 036 with Kacper Kostecki

Photo of Kacper Kosteki

Kacper Kostecki is a 2013 debutant, but he is quickly establishing his position among producers/DJs that should be followed, with few releases already behind him and plenty of new stuff coming out soon on best labels. In his productions Kacper always underlines the importance to sound fresh and unique. He is always looking after an interesting, signature sound. All his releases till now were sounding “different” and fresh. Kostecki is not afraid to experiment and take the harder path to deserved recognition. In his mixes he tries to tell a story and make you dance in same time. It is always a blend of interesting tracks that can’t be simply ignored in huge mass of electronic music released nowadays.As mentioned, it is a trip…trip into Kostecki’s mind, mood of a moment. Be sure to listen to his mixes live, in worst scenario listen them later when posted on his Mixcloud. Production wise Kostecki firmly believes that final product,finished track, reflects certain feeling and emotion. Sometimes it is raw and wicked, sometimes it is polished and gentle…just like in real life. You can certainly feel it flowing from the music he makes. Fasten Your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

1. Robag Wruhme – Brucke Eins
2. Robag Wruhme – Tulpa ovi
3. Ripperton – Tales of Sand
4. Gaspard de la Montagne – Pole
5. Kacper Kostecki – Retrouvaille (release date 2014)
6. Kiasmos – Thrown
7. Matt Karmil – Reverse Peephole
8. Nick Dow – Tangled Up in String
9. Weltenwandler – The Black Forest (Mondkrater remix)
10. Patrice Baumel – The Woods
11. Forever Sound – Glowworm

P303M036 – December 1, 2013


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