Pegasus 303 Mix 033 with Samuel Fach

Picture of DJ Samuel Fach looking down with the caption

This week on the Pegasus 303 Mix we are joined by Samuel Fach from Germany. Samuel is from a small town in Central Germany called Giessen (Gießen in German). As a young man he had a great deal of time on his hands and due to his inquisitive nature Samuel began to explore electronic music. Over the year Samuel would explore various musical genres which led to his becoming a DJ in 1999. In the year 2005 Samuel began producing tracks under name Laufmasche. He has seen successful releases on labels such as; Snork Enterprises, Relax 2000 and Eminor to name a few. Samuel has seen action as a DJ/ live act around the world at venues such as Tango (Peking), Club Electribe (Kassel) and the legendary Tresor club (Berlin).

Play list:
1. Jan Hertz – Absence
2. Florian Meind – Isa (Original Mix)
3. Alexander Aurel – The Brothers (Someone Else & Rob Paine Remix)
4. Inxec, Droog (LA) – Second To None (Original Mix)
5. Samuel Fach – Don’t want to see
6. Funkenstroem – Kleine Katze (Samuel Fach Remix)
7. Kotelett & Zadak – Agree To The Lazy Days
8. Davide Squillace – The Love Story Teller (Original Mix)
9. Sleek & Cheek – Smokin (Original Mix)
10. Edward Ean – Wrong
11. Jeff Bennett – To Become (Original Mix)

P303M033 – Sept 27, 2013

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