Pegasus 303 Mix 027 with Mr. Clean

A Japanese Police officer stands with his back to the camera near a store front with graffiti.

Play list:
1. On the Moon (Original Mix) – Aaron and Pascal [Sorry For This] 2. In Front Of You (Ion Ludwig SpreadbreakDub Edit Remix) – Aaron and Pascal [Sorry For This] 3. Dangerous To Remain (Original Mix) – Noam Levy [Parallel] 4. Intense Ideal (Original Mix) – Ramon Tapia [I’m A House Gangster] 5. Clouds Don’t Cry (Diwex Remix) – Andy Slate Ft. Kenny Gino [Eight Miles High] 6. Bag Of Bones (Hector Remix) – Spieltape [Highway Records] 7. Fixation (Original Mix) – Max Chapman [Be Social Music] 8. Exceed Your Vision (Original Mix) – Javier Orduna & Inigo Oruezabal [Parallel] 9. We’ve Been Expecting You (TALAL Remix) – Derek Marin [Recovery Tech] 10. New Beginnings (Original Mix) – Dax J [Affin] 11. Dusavik (Original Mix) – Sam Chorlton [COLOUR SERIES]

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