Pegasus 303 Mix 015 with Alessio Collina

Photo of DJ Alessio Collina

Alessio Collina, born in 1990, began his musical adventure from an early age. At 13 he began to take its first steps playing at home and, later, by organizing private parties. Going forward in time Alessio is passionate about the production and begins with his brother Matteo (Mcj) to create their first Techno-minimal tracks. 2007-2009 period is very satisfactory: his tracks are played by many radio stations and often charted in many parts of the world, until the first successful record called “The Strange Saxophone” [Fish rec, London] characterized by the main track with a groove of sax on the basis of techno, which arrives at the top 20 in Beatport minimal chart, also reviewed by DjForum as one of the revelation of the moment. After this success Alessio began to sound more passionate around House / Tech / Deep / Dub as well as his brother, and together they decided to create their Label: Trend Records. This project began in July 2010 with the work of important artists like the same Alessio, Luca Albano, Dorian Chavez, Federico Locchi and many others. Trend, still young, has already achieved a great success and received great feedbacks from artists like Butch / Richie Hawtin / Wally Lopez / Nic and one Fanciulli/2000 / Dubfire / Anthony Collins / Marco Carola and many others! In the summer of 2010 can get a fair result with the EP on Recline: Piano 80 ‘, with remixes of Dark Beat and Cristian Carpentieri, charted by Dani Casarano. Continues his streak of success with the first 3 EP Trend: Conmigo played by Hawtin, Chicago Lovers by Wally Lopez in the famous radio show “La Factoria” but the real revelation comes with his EP “Rhythm” played by DJ Sneak to the Winter Music Conference 2011 Miami and previously also in its Top 10 WMC 2011.

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