Origins Sound : Fever EP

Some days I just love checking my email. It is like Christmas in August. I have been going through some of the new promos and I came across the new Fever EP by Origins Sound (available September 16th). Now I have to tell you I rarely get the chills listening to a track but it does have “Fever” in the title. This four song EP is available on the British label Underground Audio, which features the original title track with remixes by Cristoph and Swoose and an additional track simply labeled Want you.

First off is the original version of Fever which has a nice flow with a bouncing baseline, solid kick, crispy high hats and dark metallic sounding pads with a moody melody that takes you to dark and wonderful places. In addition, the haunting male and female vocals bits flow in and out of the track quite nicely thus making for an overall enjoyable listening experience.

Second is a remix by Cristoph, who retains certain elements of the original vocals and morphs them ever so gently all while building up the track layer by layer. Christoph adds a nice fuzz to the bass, while the synth float over the top of the track and occasionally drops in and out of the track by killing the low end EQ. I personally look forward to more of Cristoph’s remixes.

The third track of the EP is Swoose’s touch up of the title track, which has a slight break beat element, with a murky baseline, melodic pads and a sporadic lead synth. The vocal bits flow in and out of the track with a nice delay and a slight filter to give them a bit of a darker element.

The final track of the Fever Ep is “Want You,” which features a deep punchy bass, driving drums, swirling synths and excellent dark and moody vocals with an unusual pitched element thus giving it an androgynous feel.

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