Matteo Spedicati – Never Let Us Go (ARR006)

Our friends from Alfa Romero are back with a great release by Italian producer Matteo Spedicati. The track is called “Never Let Us Go” which features the alluring vocals of Francesca Corrias over a lush tapestry of sound.

Spedicati’s original version is a rich track with a tight driving bass line, a solid bed with a deep kick and slicing hi hats, a melodic fuzzy synth and Francesca Corrias vocals floating quite nicely over the top of the track.

Second is Ben Hoo’s remix which takes us to a deep unknown world, with dark pads and a eerie melody. The bass line is solid and gets you into the groove while the percussion makes you move.

As an added bonus director Federico Borghesi steps in and shares his vision of the song which is a pleasantly gloomy and well edited video featuring a lone skater moving around Pisa, Italy.


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