Marco Bailey – Kiev (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Kiev - 1605 Music Therapy

The first installment of our brand new sampler series kicks off with 5 tracks of Grade-A Techno and Tech House, showcasing our vision of evolution. Pe & Band and DJ Mandraks have appeared on 1605 before, and their high-octane Techno sound is unmistakable, as is evident in their opener “The Sound Of The Drums”. The legendary Marco Bailey offers his tribute to Kiev with a buzzing monster, complete with haunting synths and manic hi-hats, while Kiko provides a futuristic slice of quirky Tech House featuring his signature, genius programming. Still on the Tech House tip, Fer BR uplifts us with the sample-laden “Feeling So Close”, and throws us into a disco from hell. The closer “Yes” from Hellomonkey is a heads-down roller, laced with hip-hop vocal snippets and hypnotic effects over a tough groove. Lowest Prices, Live Chat, Great Service

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