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There is a brand new label based in Portugal called Skull & Tones and their first release entitled ‘Materia’ is out now. Skull & Tones was founded in January of this year, with the aim of dispensing top-notch techno throughout Europe and the rest of the world. This label is well on its way of achieving that goal via their maiden voyage with Budapest based producer Khristian K. at the helm. Khristian is a well-known figure on the Techno/ Minimal scene and has a substantial pedigree with releases on labels such as Im-Moral, Lucidflow, in addition to his own labels MANDMS Music and Moira Audio Recordings.

The fist self titled track ‘Materia’ has a moody and gritty minimal feeling to it. The haunting vocal snippets in addition to the filtered elements takes you to a very dark place. The drums are driving, coarse and have a slightly distorted quality. The low end is tight, deep and has a nice punch to it without over powering the track.

Second is ‘Ghost Train,’ a rhythmic pulsating track with deep rich pads and metallic sounding synths. The track flows nicely and has an overall solid feeling. I truly look forward to playing it soon.

The third and final track of the release entitled ‘Some Drums Sketch A Direction’ is strait up dark alley, gritty minimal goodness. The kick punches you in the chest, the hi-hats are crispy, the percussion is skippy and the pulsating bass will surely keep you moving. All in all, this release should be at the top of you hold bin and should be played loud and played often.

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