Khristian K – Details EP (EDL008) Out Now!

Artwork for Khristian K's EP Inner. I light blue semi circle with text.

Hungary, September 23, 2017, out now, courtesy of Eye Deep Leez Recordings, is ‘Birds Can Talk’ by Khristian-K, available at bandcamp (link). The self titled first track of this three song EP is dark, moody, and will take you on a journey deep within your own mind. That solid but subdued kick pushes along as the percussion sits perfectly over the track, giving it that perfect punch. The birds and atmospheric sounds flow in and out giving the song nice movement and feeling. Khristian teases us with a bass line that fills the track with a proper amount of low end that balances quite nicely with the melody and haunting synths.

The second track, ‘Inner Detail’ has a playful bounce with pitched percussion, a cool music box vibe, great plucky metallic synths, and various glitchy elements with a long dub style delay.

Last, but not least is ‘Traveling Without Moving,’ a track that definitely moves, with a slightly faster tempo than the aforementioned songs. This track has a deep rich bass line, lush pads, crispy 909 style hi-hats and more of that good old fashioned dub style delay. Pick it up today!

Khristian K – Details EP (EDL008) Out Now!

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