Fabø – Washed – Available on Great Stuff Records

Artwork for 'Fabø - Washed.'

The month of March has seen some top notch releases, so it makes perfect sense that our friends over at ‘Great Stuff Recordings’ hit us with the debut release of Brazilian powerhouse Fabø. The Curitiba based DJ and producer introduces us to his two track self titled release ’Washed.’ The first song is the original mix and it is a no nonsense driving percussive tech house treat. The bass is deep punchy and wobbles just a bit, while the fuzzy synth floats over the track and gives it a bit more depth. The simple yet compelling vocal snippet “washed” helps to push the track along and compliments the sci-fi elements that gives the song a fulfilling build.


For the second track the French native Mark Lower reports for remix duty and gives the track a nice touch up. Lower does not stray too far from the original mix, yet he keeps it flowing with swirling synths, constant percussion, smooth builds and a deep bass line. I personally have played both tracks and enjoyed them immensely. In a nut shell ‘Washed’ is a release you rely should add to your playlist rotation.

ARTISTS Mark Lower, Fabo
RELEASE DATE 2015-03-06
LABELS Great Stuff Recordings

Available now on Beatport


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