Dave Rosario – The Act EP

Art work for Dave Rasario's releaase 'The Act EP.'

Okay kids! I now I’m late but I just got my grubby little hands on Dave Rosario’s latest release “The Act.” This EP contains four killer tracks with the title song being one of my instant favorites. Track one The Act has a pulsating bassline, a tight drum track, intriguing orchestra hits and a glitchy male & female vocal sample that pulls you into the track. The second track Brooklyn Moonlight has a great intro with various elements that swirl around your head and a bit of latin percussion along with a muted trumpet gives the track a slight Jazz vibe all while keeping that driving tech-house groove. In addition, the third track Patience which features vocals by Jonny Cruz has a dark vibe, with a flowing melody and a great wulitzer style organ that spins around in the track. The forth and final track is the Dub Mix of Patience that has an over all cool vibe and is well worth a listen.

Release Date: 2012-03-26
Label: Monique Speciale
Catalog # MS064

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