CHSV007 Sakorka – Chrome EP – Review (Out August 17 2015)

Courtesy of our friends over at ’Cohesive,’ a label founded by Alex Rubio (co-owner of MEXA Records), is an exhilarating new EP by Israeli artist ‘Sakorka.’ This four song EP called ‘Chrome’ is the second release by Sakorka on the Mexico based label and it will cause people to take notice for sure.

First up on the EP is the self titled track ‘Chrome,’ which contains a deep vibe with rich synth pads, beautiful ethnic vocals, a punchy bass groove and a slightly eerie melody.

Next up is ‘Butterfly,’ a dark moving track with oscillating synths, a deep floating bass line and a melody that sits pleasantly on top of the track and somehow manages to take you to sad and happy places at the same time. The vocals literally gave me chills as if a being from another realm was whispering in my ear. Not sure who the vocalist is, but she sounds a little like ‘Leigh Nash.’

The third song of the EP is ‘Onassis,’ a dark and moody track that will end up in someone’s indie film for sure (you heard it here first). I actually have been listening to this track over and over because it seems to almost evolve and mutate each time I hear it. Musically speaking, ‘Onassis’ actually reminds me of a cross between ‘Vangelis’ and ‘Jam & Spoon,’.Top notch track for sure.

Last but not least is a song with sharp edges, bubbling synths and a lovely vocal snippet that slips in and out of the track. ‘Naim’ rounds out the EP quite nicely with captivating builds and a driving groove. The ‘Chrome’ EP is well worth your time and with such a deep collection of sounds you can’t go wrong.

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