Transcode – Blood Moon EP (CPR027) – Review – OUT NOW!

A photo of a man posing back-to-back with himself. Artwork for the 'Blood Moon EP,' by Transcode CPR027.

Release Date: June 13, 2016
Labe: Carton-Pâte Records (C.P.)
Catalog Number: CPR027

Introducing ‘Blood Moon,’ the latest release from UK based producer Transcode, available courtesy of our friends at Carton-Pâte (Grenoble, France). This EP features five solid tracks, including remixes by Rafael Cerato, and newcomer MR H. Transcode is a spirited, talented producer/DJ, with a passion for creating diverse tracks, while focusing on a quality product. It is difficult to lock Transcode into just one genre, because he utilizes such a broad range of sounds ranging from deep, to tech house and melodic techno. Transcode first hit my radar with his stellar remix of Spacesheep’s song ‘Lithium’ (Link), and as a creative artist he has received support from the likes of Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola. Transcode possesses a passion for music and a thirst for audio perfection; his productions are diverse, sophisticated and quite pleasant to the ear.

Blood Moon

First up, is the self titled track ‘Blood Moon,’ a melodic feast of reversed swirling synths, lush pads and a tasteful use of the often over used filter sweep we hear in many tracks today. The percussion sits right in the pocket with a nice pace and well placed positioning of the drums, while the bass line flows nicely, thus solidifying the overall feel of the track.

Event Horizon

The second track on the EP ‘Event Horizon,’ takes you on a sonic journey through space and time and makes me feel like I’m walking around a futuristic Neo London or Tokyo. The dark heavy synths, driving drums and flowing bassline gives this track an excellent feel.


Awakening is third on the ‘Blood Moon EP,’ and it is a sobering track with an overall dark and moody vibe. Transcode’s use of fuzzy synths and deep builds take you on an emotional journey.

Blood Moon (Rafael Cerato Remix)

Next is ‘Blood Moon’ reworked by young French producer Rafael Cerato. Rafael has seen action on labels such as Systematic, Get Physical and Suara; his remix flatters the original track as the melody slides in nice and easy, while the synths and drums build into a nice flow.

Blood Moon (MR H’s Remix)

Last but not least is ‘MR H’s’ remix. He utilizes hints of the original song while adding a truly creative addition of new synths and rich percussion. In addition, MR H’s remix adds a vast, deep, dark melodic feeling with a slightly progressive vibe.

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