Elektronic Force Podcast 057 with Ken Ishii ケンイシイ

Photo of Japanese DJ Ken Ishi.

Marco Bailey does it again with the 57th podcast of his Internet radio show Elektronic Force, featuring special guest Ken Ishii from Japan. Ken has been in the game for at least 25 years and has gained industry respect from both sides of the Pacific. Ken’s set features a dark, funky blend of techno with just a touch of Jazz. So please set aside 60 minutes of no interruptions and enjoy the ride as Ken takes you on a magical journey.

01. Andrea Mattioli & Danilo Cris – Shoot [Diva] 02. Redhead – Packed [Code] 03. Asio – Coco (Steve Parker Remix) [Harthouse] 04. D-Unity – Subterraneo (Sam Paganini Remix) [Rusted] 05. D-Nox & Beckers – Sunner (Dustin Zahn Stockton Island Remix) [Tronic] 06. DJ3000 – On The Edge of Love (Ken Ishii Remix) [Motech] 07. Flavio Diaz – Crazy Horse [Unrilis] 08. Ken Ishii – Aftershock [GSR] 09. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Final Lap [MB Elektronics] 10. Andres Gil – Prophecy [Slap Jaxx] 11. Advanced Human & Nagai Sae – Pattern Formation [Impact Mechanics]

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