Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

New Information!

Telephone Hotlines and Information:
Officials in Sendai have launched a consumer hotline for price hikes. If you notice vendors or store operators charging unreasonable high prices for items please call the number below during the hours of (10am-6pm) JST.

Sendai Hotline (Multilingual)

Japan National Tourism Organization multilingual hotline (Click here or call)
(03) 3201-3331

Tokyo Narita Airport Information (Click here)

NHK Radio (Multilingual) Download Frequency chart and time table here!

Ibaraki International Affairs hotline (English and Chinese).

NHK TV messaging service will relay your message during broadcasts to affected areas.

Trouble with your gas supply, call Tokyo Gas (Click here for English guide or call).
03-5722-0111 (from mobile phones)

Free Services:
Live Door Free wi-fi (free login id and password)

Free AT&T Voice/Text via U.S. Mobile to Japan (Click here for more information).
Also Free “TV Japan” for AT&T Uverse subscribers (Click here for more information).

Suntory vending machines have emergency levers beneath a sticker on the upper-right corners. Pull the sticker off, pull the lever firmly and you’ll get free drinks.

Bic Camera is offering a free phone charging service at all their stores.

U.S. Department of State information hotline for U.S. Citizens in Japan

U.S. Department of State Website

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