Underground Resistance Novamix – 22-05-2003

Mad Mike, The Suburban Knight, Juan Atkins & Buzz Goree.

Underground Resistance Novamix – 22-05-2003

One thing I enjoy most about the digital age is that historical events can be archived for future generations to see, hear and explore. One particular example is the “Underground Resistance Novamix” from May of 2003. Not historical in the traditional sense, but significant nonetheless. The Underground Resistance Nova mix was a live mix/ interview show on French radio featuring Mad Mike Banks, The Suburban Knight (a.k.a. James Pennington), Juan Atkins and Buzz Goree. The show opens with a poignant interview in which Mad Mike discusses some of the pit falls of living in Detroit, such as cheep liquor (or genocide juice as I like to call it), poorly made cigarettes, rough surroundings and local churches with questionable ethics. Later, Buzz Goree jumps in the mix (literally) with a 5-song set followed by an interview in which he discusses his meeting Mike in an effort to contribute to the underground collective that is “UR.”

There are also captivating interviews and DJ sets from “The Suburban Knight” and “Juan Atkins.” Detroit was established in 1701 as a French frontier outpost, therefore I find it interesting that people in France would have such a preoccupation with this city and the phenomenal music created there. This can be seen in two great French documentaries “Universal Techno” and “Detroit 2001,” which features footage from the DEMF 2001 (Detroit Electronic Music Festival). One element of this show that I find extremely interesting is the fact that music of all forms is universal and it has a global reach that transcends all ethnic and color barriers. Who knew that the musical genre known as techno would make it possible for young black men from a gritty hard brick city to explore the world and travel to locations beyond their dreams? Fortunately for those of you that don’t have a turntable or flat out are not allowed to touch records ever again because you broke one of your father’s Stevie Wonder 45s, some of the songs from this show are available on iTunes. Special thanks to Rico from Germany for making this digital file available.

Underground Resistance Novamix – 22-05-2003

01.[000:00] Interview

Buzz Goree
01.[004:40] Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Metamorphosis
02.[007:30] Los Hermanos – Queztal
03.[011:35] UR feat. Davina – Don’t You Want It
04.[014:05] The Martian – Sex In Zero Gravity
05.[018:05] Underground Resistance – Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix)
06.[019:40] Interview

Suburban Knight
01.[024:35] Suburban Knight – Collaboration Alpha
02.[029:20] Suburban Knight – Shape Shifter
03.[035:20] Interview
04.[039:50] Suburban Knight – True To The Game
05.[046:30] Interview

Juan Atkins
01.[047:50] Andre Holland – Inversions
02.[051:00] Unknown Track
03.[053:10] Unknown Track
04.[055:55] Unknown Track
05.[059:00] Unknown Track
06.[062:15] Bodo Elsel – Fantasie Mädchen (Isolée)
07.[063:20] Interview

Suburban Knight
01.[067:00] Dark Energy – Aurora
02.[071:40] Mark Taylor – Antimatter Premium Unleaded
03.[073:30] Model 500 – I Wanna Be There M22 (Edit)
04.[075:30] Los Hermanos – Tescat
05.[078:15] Suburban Knight – The Warning
06.[079:55] Electric Soul – X² (Dub Mix)
07.[081:25] Interview

01.[081:55] Underground Resistance – Hardlife
02.[085:45] The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar (Dance Of The Cat) (Jeff Mills Remix)
03.[091:55] Underground Resistance – Transition
04.[096:05] Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz
05.[100:35] Underground Resistance – Amazon

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