Vahagn “Relapse”

Vahagn Voskerchyan

Courtesy of our friends @ “Buzzin’ Fly” Records is Lisbon-based newcomer Vahagn Voskerchyan. Quick! I need a 12″ of this track stat! Vahagn, originally from Armenia, but currently resides in Portugal, has a new single “Relapse,” that has quickly become one of my favorite tracks. With deep lush pads, resonance tweaks and a tight bass line, this track will definitely get under your skin. It has been a long time since I heard a track that makes me want to sit back and chill with a cold drink, yet at the same it makes me want to groove all night long. I’m partial to the original version but Dana Ruh’s remix is funky as hell and Nick Chacona re-rub takes me back to the cool 3AM “after hours” clubs we use to have here in LA back in the 1990s.

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