Twitter Riot in Hollywood Part 1

A private invite only screening of the “Electric Daisy Carnival Experience” documentary almost turned into a near-riot on Wednesday night when a popular DJ posted his spontaneous Hollywood Boulevard block party on line. Ryan Raddon, better know as DJ Kaskade posted the following message on Twitter announcing his 6:00 PM performance in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Picture of DJ Kaskade Twitter Announcement

Now, I’m all for a good spontaneous musical event but unfortunately there are certain rules that need to be followed in order to ensure public safety and not infringe on the rights of others. At last count, Kaskade has 93,051 followers on Twitter; fortunately some of them did not show up for his little stunt, which is good for the city of Los Angeles because they would still be trying to clear people out of the area. Just for giggles I took a peek at the LAPD “Special Events Permit Information” page and did not see a permit issued for Kaskade’s flat bed rolling concert.
(Download PDF here).

Clip courtesy of Hollywood Blvd. Post/Aquiesta Media

As of late there is no exact number of people involved in the disturbance on Hollywood Blvd, but police state that hundreds of individuals began moving into the streets, thus forcing authorities to close the area to vehicle traffic. When the people began to turn hostile and uncooperative police reportedly fired non-lethal beanbags rounds in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Despite reports of fights, bottles being thrown and several police vehicles being damaged there were no serious injuries. Furthermore, additional reports of individuals dancing on a police car, while others yelled at officers and some were “planking” (lying rigid in the middle of the street). As things started to get ugly DJ Kaskade began asking the crowd via twitter to “chill out” and eventually asked everyone to go home as their behavior may reflect poorly on EDC movie premiere.

DJ Kaskade's Twitter entries.

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