Pegasus 303 Mix 080 with Mr. Clean – Techno/ Tech House


1. Crickets & Bats (Kevin Over Remix) – Chi-Thanh & Florian Kruse [SUBJEKT] 2. SN437 (Original Mix) – Moliner [Depaart] 3. Black Lines (Original Mix) – Alex Zed [Inside Out Records] 4. Sum (Original Mix) – DkA [Play Label Records] 5. I Don’t Sleep at Night (Original Mix) – Manuel Moreno [Hive Audio] 6. Has Fidanken (Original Mix) – Alex Zed [Inside Out Records] 7. Quest (Original Mix) – Vibe Killers [sinnmusik*] 8. Blacklight (Original Mix) – Cera Alba [Lost Records] 9. Weapon (Original Mix) – Cera Alba [Lost Records] 10. Triangle (Original Mix) – Atapy [Thrill Of It]

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