Pegasus 303 Mix 046 with Mauro Nakimi – Techno

photo of dj mauro nakimi wearing sunglasses looking up into the sky.

Mauro Nakimi has been a professional dj/producer since 1991 and has collaborated with many different artists. Over the years Mauro has been known to dabble in several different electronic genres, such as hardcore, break beat, jungle, techno, hard trance as well as drum bass. In addition, he has been writing his own music since the mid nineties and has seen several releases in both analog and digital formats. Although he is well known in his native land of Spain, he has played some of the most well known clubs throughout Europe.

1. Max Poyull – Glasses Workshop (Original Mix) [NB Records] 2. Kleber – Here we go (Fractious Dub Remix) [NB Records] 3. Nick Feral – Room 212 (Original Mix) [NB Records] 4. Pascal Roeder – Lucia (Miss Sunshine Remix) [NB Records] 5. Dave Parrish – Procesed core (Rich Jones Remix) [NB Records] 6. Mauro Nakimi – Time Eruption (Original Mix) [NB Records] 7. Alessan Main,Guti Legatto – Adrenaline (Original Mix) [NB Records] 8. Pears & Tills – Dedication (Original Mix) [NB Records] 9. Marcel Reix – Black Hole (Original Mix) [NB Records] 10. Ayden Dark & Nicolas Bacher – Leather To Your Suede (Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [NB Records] 11. Mauro Nakimi – Adamo (Original Mix)
12. Alex oliver – HBD (Original Mix) [Circular Limited] 13. Nicolas Bacher – Eye of Storm (Chris Colburn Remix) [NB Records]

P303M046 – 8/19/14

Mauro Nakimi’s Beatport Page


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