OUT OCT 12! COM-019 | Compilation – Forget Me Not Amsterdam ’14

First off, I rarely get excited about compilations as they are often times a feeble attempt to breath new life into old tracks, however once in awhile there is a release that absolutely blows your socks off. A year in the making, “Forget Me Not Amsterdam ’14” is a fulfilling arrangement of previously released tracks that quite frankly never hit my radar until now. This compilation features ten solid tracks spanning from Deep to Tech, as well as Progressive House.

Despite having so many wonderful tracks, I will focus on three songs recently featured on the Pegasus 303 Mix Podcast. First is a groovy track entitle “Work That Zipper” by the duo from Copenhagen known as Zohdy & Senna. This is a flirty playful track with a punchy bass line, solid percussion and a reminiscent Acid House vibe that will make you bump and grind all night long.

Next is a track that strays away from the simple four on the floor formula. The Dansor’s Dub Mix of Melissa by Monokino has a nice bouncy feel to it, with a whirling synth, dark pads, refreshing orchestra hits and haunting vocals. Third, is a track by Marc Pollen called “Crunchtime” (remixed by Mike Ravell), which is an energetic song with a deep free flowing bass line, tight percussion and wilds synths. All in all, this compilation is a fine assortment of various artists that will command your attention from beginning to end. In celebration of the October 12th release, our friends at Comport Records will be having a little musical soiree on the 19th at Paradiso Amsterdam. Just kidding! It is going to be f***ing huge! (Tickets Available)

Comport Records Statement:

The yearly madness is getting closer and we are glad to be a part of it.
For this occasion we’ve made a special compilation ‘Forget Me Not Amsterdam ’14’ & also got a surprise ADE-closing party for you – at the city’s pop temple called Paradiso. Save this date (…and your energy):

Comport ADE Showcase & Forget Me Not Amsterdam ’14 Release Party

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