Octave One in Shibuya

Twenty years in the game and still going strong, Detroit Techno pioneers “Octave One” will be performing in Tokyo 東京 on Saturday August 13th at the “Raft 3rd Anniversary party” held at the “Womb” in Shibuya 渋谷. If you are in the Tokyo area you seriously need to go check out the Burden Brothers, “Lenny and Lawrence” as they tear the roof off with their pulsating sound and insane head bobbing (see video). In July of 2010 Octave One performed at the “Audio Tokyo Electronic Music Festival” with fellow headliners Daniel Bell, Doc Martin, and Ken Ishii. Octave One has released some terrific music, but I would have to say that

“BlackWater” featuring Ann Saunderson is my all time favorite song. In addition, there are several remixes of the track, but I am especially a fan of the “full string vocal mix.” It has a smooth intro that transitions to rhythmic percussion, then it hooks you with a driving groove as Ann’s vocals float over the track. I took a look at the brother’s press kit and their stage set up is quite interesting, consisting of various keyboards, a drum machine, samplers, sequencers, effects processors and a large multi channel mixer (take a look). For those of you that may not be familiar with live techno or any electronic genre for that matter, the use of instruments is not always done in the tradition sense during a performance. In some cases pre-recorded or sequenced material such as various loops. percussion, bass, synth pads and leads are playing while the artist mutes/un-mutes elements, apply filter sweeps, EQ and trigger various events to create on the fly musical compositions. Some may question performances of this type as not actually playing instruments, but I would beg to differ. The artist do play the material prior to the live show, but do to the various layers of sound it must be composed using a sequencer, while the changes in EQ, and triggering of audio requires impeccable timing, a sense of rhythm not to mention an ear for key and pitch.

Octave One – Biography Press Release:
Debuting with “I Believe” on the monumental (10 Records) compilation “Techno 2: The Next Generation” (alongside Carl Craig, Marc Kinchen, and Jay Denham) in 1990. Octave One featuring Random Noise Generation is the brainchild of the phenomenal native sons of Detroit, MI (USA), the Burden Brothers. The core unit of the band, made up of Lenny and Lawrence Burden (with revolving members of Lynell, Lorne, and Lance Burden), have had the privilege of touring live and Djing throughout the world, including the countries of Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Vienna, The Netherlands), the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, Japan, the US, and Russia, among many other places. Throughout their careers they have worked with such artists as Derrick May, Underground Resistance, Eddie Fowlkes, Juan Atkins, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Members of the House, Terrence Parker, and The Martian (Red Planet). They have remixed tracks for such artists as Massive Attack, Akabu (Joey Negro), DJ Rolando (Jaguar), Steve Bug, John Thomas, The Trampps, Rhythm is Rhythm, and Inner City. The brothers have released groundbreaking underground dance anthems on their own Detroit based record label, 430 West Records. These releases include Random Noise Generation’s “Falling in Dub” (the other Burden brother moniker), DJ Rolando’s “Jaguar”, Aux 88’s “My A.U.X. Mind” (on the 430 West sister label Direct Beat), as well as their own Octave One records: “Empower”, “Nicolette”, ‘The X-files”, “Meridian”, and ‘Siege”. Since 1990, the Burden brothers have released over one hundred records.

2000 brought the biggest Octave One release to date, “Blackwater”. The track has appeared on over 30 compilation albums worldwide (with comp sales exceeding one million collectively). It has been released domestically in 5 countries (US, UK, Spain, Germany, and Australia). The track has also been a favorite on the decks of some of the world’s best known DJs, Little Louie Vega, Danny Teneglia, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Jonathan Peters, Laurent Garnier, among many, many others. “Blackwater” became a new turning point for the brothers. Late 2006 brought the release of the first full length DVD/CD project from the group, Octave One featuring Random Noise Generation “Off The Grid”, released in cooperation with Tresor Records/Germany. 2004 saw the release of the band’s first studio album in 4 years, “Summers on Jupiter” released in cooperation with P-vine/Japan. In February 2011, Octave One prepare for the release of their special album marking 20 years of living the Techno life, “Revisit”. “Revisit” features some of electronic music’s best producers reworking O1 classics: Luke Slater, Sandwell District, Ken Ishii, Alexander Kowalski, Vince Watson, Ellen Allien, and Cari Lekenbusch. Set for release on Octave One’s own 430 West Records, “Revisit” is a milestone in the career of one of Detroit Techno best bands.

August 13, 11PM, ¥3,500
Japan Maruyama-cho 2-16
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044 (Map 地図)

〒150-0044 東京都渋谷区円山町2-16

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