LEON RO4 – Behind the Live – Robot Festival 2011

Press Release:
LEON RO4 – Behind the Live – Robot Festival 2011 Documentary was released last week after months and months of fans anticipation. This Live! inside look at 30 hours with the one and only Leon or we like to call “White Lion of Music” preparations before the Legendary Robot Festival last year.

The Robot Festival is taking place in Italy every September, and is known for its peer perception in exemplifying the digital paths into Music and Art. Some of the well know and legendary artist to hit the decks and play range from Tobi Neumann. Riva Star,Maya Jane Coles, Maceo plex and Seth Troxler!

This Quick 14 Minute video feature shows the true intrinsic value of Leon and why his musical talent in production in 2011 have made him one of the notorious headhunters in dance music. That his understanding and tacit knowledge of the trends of music changing very quick and learning to grasp that notion and silently drop killer bombs on all the children of the dance-floors worldwide at all times is not just luck but great return on luck!

My favorite moment in this documentary is you get to understand and see who Leon is and about his persona on “Staying True to yourself” and having True Friends. He also gives great incite and knowledge about social media and the Creation of his iphone Application for his fans.

In my eye and mind I see the Future of the Artist/Producer/Performer, Leon someday maybe being the brand legacy of his own mentors he speaks about, such as Danny Tenaglia, Luarent Garnier and Carl Cox. This is actually a great Documentary directed by Maurizio BarBieri and even being in Italian the subtitle can be optimized to English by pressing the cc- caption button to feel,grasp and get the emotional sense of LEON not just the producer but a person possibly all new and maybe some old dance music producers/djs should take some pointers and get with the program or get eaten by “White Lion” of the Dance Jungle!

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